Your Location Determines Your Allocation

Location is a very important factor in destiny fulfillment. How far you can see, reach or achieve in this life is a factor of your location. Your location can be either spiritual or physical. Your spiritual location is where you are in the plan of God for your life. As much as it is sad to note, but many believers are far from the plan of God for their lives. Many have wandered so far away from the path God has laid for them and got entangled with the cares of this life; and this is the sole reason why many are suffering and misguided today.

This has made many to miss the mark, and have ended up in locations where they are not suppose to be. The consequences of wrong location are endless which include death, suffering, limitations, lack of vision and direction, lack of purpose, affliction, captivity and satanic oppression. This is the major goal of the devil, to make sure that every child of God misses his or her divine plan here on earth. His job is to steal, to kill and to destroy.

What is he after to steal, kill and destroy in your life? He is working tirelessly to steal the plan of God for you life and to replace it with satanic alternative that might look attractive on the face value but detrimental to you destiny. He is out to kill the very life of God in you, he want to prevent you from having eternal life as God has promised all who receive His Son, Jesus Christ and who obey his words and endure to the end. He wants to stop you from living a fruitful and fulfilled life here on earth by offering you are life of filled with pleasures of sin so that you will not be able to live a Christian life, that God’s kind of life brought to us by Lord Jesus Christ.

He is also out to destroy anything he cannot steal or kill in your life so that neither you nor him will have it. He wants to destroy that seed of greatness God has deposited in you and all His children, so that they will not be what God has designed them to be; so that they will not enter God’s rest.

Once you miss your spiritual location, you will definitely miss your physical location of blessings of God because being properly and spiritually positioned guarantees divine guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. You cannot miss your mark once your are in right standing with the God Almighty because your spiritual location determines your spiritual and physical allocations.

God will always protect and provide for His own and nobody can pluck out of the hand of God whatever that is dedicated to Him. He is your refuge and your strong tower, he is your deliverer; He loves you so much that He did not spare His only begotten Son, but offered him up on the cross as ransom for your sin: all you need is to just trust in his mercies and obey his words and commandments.

Spiritual and physical locations are so important that before God could bless Abraham, He asked him to leave his spiritual location (departure from idolatry) as well as his physical location (a land polluted by idolatry and surrounded by idolaters) to another level of spiritual encounter and physical position; the Bible recorded that in Genesis 12: 1-4.

Lot chose the wrong location, he went in full and and wealthy, but came out with only his two daughters and became a cave dweller. In Genesis 14: 11-12, the Bible recorded that Lot became a victim of invasion and physical dislocation due to wrong location. He was taken captive together with his family and all his possessions due to the consequences of wrong location because he chose to live in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Thank God that Abraham was able to rescue him at that time, but he was not so lucky the second time because instead of learning his lessons about the dangers posed to him by evil location, he chose to remain in the same location. The Bible recorded in Genesis 19: 30 that Lot could only escape the second time with nothing except his two daughter and someone who entered Sodom and Gomorrah a wealthy man, in men and women servants, in cattle and in gold, became a cave dweller with nothing left of his great possession, nothing even his wife and other children could make it out of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The same thing happened to Naomi, she lost her husband and her two sons to a wrong location. In Ruth 1:20, she said that nobody should call her Naomi any longer,that they should call her Mara: which means bitterness, because she left her divine location full into an evil location of which God did not send her, and returned empty except with one of her daughter in-laws.

Wrong location whether spiritual or physical is an enemy of destiny fulfillment, so beware of this silent and deceitful destroyer and embrace Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, he will show you the Way of Life, the path of righteousness and the Way of Truth. He is the only one that can give you direction in life and you will not miss your mark. God bless you.

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